EmBee Meche®

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EmBee Meche® Strips

Say goodbye to foils!

EmBee Meche® is a washable, reusable and easily sanitizable alternative to foil. Created with the intention of making free-form coloring techniques easier, EmBee Meche® won’t slide around on you while you perfect your client’s balayage or color melt. Plus, you can see through the sheets to keep track of your patterns. And, because going green is always in, EmBee Meche® is reusable—making throwing away massive amounts of foil and papers every day a thing of the past. It not only reduces waste and saves time and money but offers you and your client a lighter, cooler coloring experience—a win for everyone!

A few other benefits include:
– Allows ammonia to dissipate during processing rather than accelerate, giving you more control.
– Keeps clay-based lighteners moist without the hassle of cling films.

Now available in two sizes!
100 sheet pack of 6X12″
25 sheet pack of Rapunzel 12X24″