Downloadable: Men’s Cutting and Styling, pt. 2


Downloadable: Men’s Cutting and Styling with Thom Priano, pt. 2

Thom Priano, a leader in men’s grooming, has styled top models and celebrities for global advertising campaigns and leading American and international fashion and style magazines. In this 11-page downloadable article, he shares the tips, techniques, how-tos and insights that have made him the best in the men’s grooming business. If you yearn to become a leader in men’s services, here’s the information you need to know.

You’ll learn:

• Strategies on how to groom the groom on his big day
• How to choose a haircut best suited to your client’s facial structure and personal style
• The inside scoop on 2013 men’s trends plus
• A recap of more than 15 popular male haircuts and styles
• The best design strategies for every facial shape
• 10 hair rules for guy clients and other strategies for stellar service
• 4 fabulous modern male cuts and how to execute each one correctly
• Step-by-step for cutting the perfect disconnected haircut
• 22 indispensible tools and products for on-the-set grooming

Downloadable Article: (11 pp)

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