Downloadable: Men’s Cutting and Styling, pt. 1


Downloadable: Men’s Cutting and Styling with Thom Priano, pt. 1

If you’re interested in building your male clientele then the advice and expertise of Thom Priano is the place you should start. His vast, 30 year career working as a stylist alongside art directors at GQ, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Vogue has established his reputation as a men’s expert as well as made it possible for him to create an entirely new market for upscale men’s salon services. In this downloadable article, Thom shares his secrets on how you, too, can become a leading salon in the men’s market.
Thom covers topics like:

• Thinning hair—Thom’s care, color and styling rules
• Tips for guy color along with 3 favorite guy formulas
• 5 guidelines for earning high numbers from the guys
• 5 tips for establishing yourself as the go-to men’s grooming salon
• Step-by-step breakdown of 2 haircuts executed at two Vogue photo shoots
• Where to look for inspiration and new ideas

Downloadable Article: (8 pp)

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