Dimensional Blonde Bi-Level/L’ANZA Step-by-Step


Dimensional Blonde Bi-Level/L’ANZA Step-by-Step

Nothing flatters like this vertically-layered shape—the tight sides enhance facial features, the soft nape is feminine and flattering and the full top provides endless versatility. Add a great, dimensional blonde color design and it’s the perfect storm of stylish wearability! Follow this how-to from L’AnzA’s Matt Swinney and Wendy Bond and you’ll find yourself adapting this look again and again for a wide range of clients!

Hair: Matt Swinney
Color: Wendy Bond
Cut: 9 picture steps
Color: 9 picture steps
PLUS 3 color formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step