Deep Purple & Rubies and Amethyst/Goldwell Step-by-Step


Deep Purple & Rubies and Amethyst/Goldwell Step-by-Step

In this look from the Goldwell Color Zoom ’13 Beautify collection, deep violet hues nest within a rich brunette base. Wearable with a hint of the rebel, it’s a strong and impressive palette that enhances the graphic lines of the cut.

Embrace the unexpected! Here, tones of violet and red cohabitate to create an earthy, rustic canvas. The result adds exquisite interest to the dark base color and plays up the asymmetric lines of the cut.

Hair & Color: The Goldwell Color Zoom International Trend Team: Demi Leigh Gardiner, Ben Lin, Lisa Whiteman, Shane Henning and Agnes Westerman

Color: 3 diagram steps
PLUS 8 color formulas

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