Burnished Lazy Waves/Wella Step-by-Step


Burnished Lazy Waves/Wella Step-by-Step

Realistic color results are most effective when done with freehand techniques—they allow you to place color artistically and organically. This is especially critical when working on darker hair, where a little goes a long way, but too little disappears. These sun-kissed highlights—in tones of gold and red—showcase the artistry that’s possible with the new MAGMA By BLONDOR pigmented lighteners. The consistency is ideal for hand-painting, and the one-step lift and deposit saves valuable time. Here, subtle layers and barely-there waves complete the modern, undone look.

Hair: Ronny Wirbs
Color: Anja Blomeier
Cut: 3 picture steps
Style: 3 picture steps
Color: 4 picture steps
PLUS 3 Color Formulas

Printable Step-by-Step with Color Formula or Printable Step-by-Step