Braids by Breslin “M3 Marketing System” DVD


M3 Marketing System from Braids by Breslin

Let Ricky and Marquetta Breslin take you on a journey to success in this three-part DVD series.  These business experts have designed a unique approach to marketing yourself and your business, and in this DVD set, they cover:

·       Mindset:  It starts with the right attitude.  The way you think.  The way you act.  The way you approach and respond to the business and personal decisions you must make every day.  Ricky and Marquetta reveal their own thought processes and the logic behind these behaviors and decisions, and deconstruct why they have been successful.

·       Marketing:  Is this the primary focus of your business?  It should be, yet many owners neglect it.  Explore the Breslins’ tried and true marketing strategies and learn how to make them work for you.

·       Monetization:   In this segment, you’ll learn how to monetize your current customers, as well as potential clients, such as visitors to your website.  Ricky and Marquetta will reveal the techniques that doubled their income, and open the door for unlimited growth.

3 DVDs (199 minutes)