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Balayage Artistry DVD – by Nancy Braun


Balayage Artistry DVD

Renowned colorist, Nancy Braun has spent her career between Beverly Hills and New York City where she has built a vast celebrity clientele. Braun’s Balayage technique has been honed to the level of an art form and her approach has made her one of the most sought after hair colorists in the industry. In 2003, Braun created and implemented the Balayage program currently taught at the L’Oréal Professional SoHo Academy. The tools utilized in this DVD were inspired and designed by Braun for L’Oréal. In 2012, She opened Balayage by Nancy Braun in Beverly Hills and recently she launched her hair care company B Line. Nancy will share 3 step by step techniques that will provide you with a solid foundation in Balayage, along with her Signature known as “The Money Piece” Discover Braun’s method behind creating the Buttery Surfer Blonde, Honey Ombre’ and Cinnamon Spotlight.

75 minutes of step-by-step Balayage education by the master of balayage education- Nancy Braun

–          ‘The Money Piece”
–          3 Signature Celebrity Looks
–          Honey Ombré
–          Buttery, Surfer Blonde
–          Cinnamon Spotlight

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