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Ginger Boyle

6 Red Carpet Upstyles DVD


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Award-winning celebrity stylist, Ginger Boyle, along with one of the most decorated industry videographers, takes on the top 6 upstyles coming directly from the Red Carpet.  The names are clear: The Angelina, The Heidi, and all the others who walk the red carpet, are here on this JUST RELEASED DVD.

The 6 looks are fast and easy with exceptional video close ups!  Be confident that you can create the look when your clients walk in with their favorite celebrity magazine photo!  This subject+design advanced education DVD explores 6 modern, red carpet upstyles that are easy to learn and quick to create. The visually stunning imagery provides a fresh approach to learning that is both educational and entertaining. Increase your skills while inspiring your own creativity. [DVD/60min]

“This upstyle DVD has helped me in so many ways. For in-salon training it is at the top of the list. It’s helped me not only with my guests but also behind the scenes doing session work. It’s amazing! The techniques are fast and easy to learn.  I can’t stop watching it! All of the looks are gorgeous and chic!” -Dean Roybal, Director of Education at Planet Salon, Beverly Hills, CA

Filmed in High Definition.

Available in English and Spanish.