SALE! $19.95 – 185 Formulas from World’s Top Colorists


Now you can peek inside the dispensaries of the world’s foremost color pros and discover how they achieve their award-winning hues. You’ll learn how Kim Vo achieves his sunny, “Malibu Blonde;” how Jason Backe of New York’s Ted Gibson Salon creates actress Anne Hathaway’s stunning brunette and the secret to Nancy Braun’s “Debra Messing Red.”

Topics include:
– Look-Like-A-Million Bucks Blonde Formulas
– Better-Than-Natural Brunette Formulas
– Head-Turning Reds
– Life Saving Corrective Strategies
– Out-of-the-Box Creative Color Recipes

This book contains formulas from every popular color line and includes placement and processing instructions.  If you’re looking for new formulation ideas and are ready to expand your formula files, here are 185 new “recipes” from the best cooks in the color “kitchen!” such as Adriana Balea, Alexis Unno, Anita Gutierrez, Berry Bachen, Brian & Sandra Smith, Charles Baker Strahan, Christel Lundqvist, Christopher & Sonya Dove, Christopher John, Clark Wood, David Adams, David R. Stanko, Davin Dawson, Deborah Gavin, Dhaniel Doud, Doug MacIntosh, Ellie Coates, Frank Friscioni, Gina Khan, James Edick, Jason Backe, Joel Warren, John Simpson, Johnathan Gale, Kaz Amor, Kazumi Morton, Kim Vo, Kris Sorbie, Kyle White, Linda Yodice & Scott Cole, Lisa Marie Garcia, Lisa Vann, Lucie Doughty, Lucus Eticitty, Maria Guasta, Marie Robinson, Maryl Valbeck, Mia Liguori McHugh, Michael Elving, Nancy Braun, Naz Kupelian, Nelson Chan, Nury Lopez, Patrick McIvor, Rene Antonio, Robin Sween, Rodica Hristu, Silas Tsang, Sue Cooper, Stuart Gavert, Sue Pemberton, Teri Dougherty, Tracey Cunningham, Victoria Benham.
[163 pp]

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