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RickyCare Bow Clips, Leaf Clips & Bungees Bundle

RickyCare Bungees
For thicker hair, sometimes a regular elastic just won’t cut it, and creating a tight-holding ponytail can be a real hassle. Bungee elastics allow a custom-fit ponytail no matter the hair texture.

HOW TO USE: Hook one end into the hair and wrap the elastic around the pony until it’s as tight as you’d like. Then hook the two ends together or push the hook directly into the hair. It will stay firmly in place until you choose to remove it.

RickyCare No-Crease Clips
· Designed specifically to properly distribute weight and tension
· Provide a secure hold while maintaining a weightless feeling
· Specially treated, enabling them to limit creases and wrinkles in the hair

These adorable little clips are perfect for holding down flyaway hair while putting on makeup—making them a backstage favorite at fashion and runway shows. The idea spawned from watching makeup artists use pieces of paper in between the blades of a hair clip to prevent creases and dents in models’ hair. No-Crease Clips remove the need for paper—and what’s left is gorgeous hair just as you’ve styled it.

Bundle Includes:
3 Black Bungees
3 Blonde Bungees
6 No-Crease Bow Clips in purple, teal, brick red, blonde, green and coral
5 Pink No-Crease Leaf Clips
4 Silver No-Crease Leaf Clips