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Last updated: September 01, 2017

The Matrix Color Melt Jam: 3 Color Formulas

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  • Formula A (lightener)

    Matrix Light Master Lightener + BondUltim8 + 30-volume developer

  • Formula B (base)

    Matrix Color Sync Watercolors 2 oz. Berry Violet + Color Sync .05 oz. 3VV + developer

  • Formula C (accent piece)

    equal parts Matrix Colorgraphics Lacquers Light Pink + Magenta

  • Formula D (accent piece)

    2 oz. Matrix Colorgraphics Lacquers Clear + ¼ oz. Teal

  • Formula E (accent piece)

    2 oz. Matrix Colorgraphics Lacquers Clear + ¼ oz. Blue

A full squad of award-winning Matrix Artistic DirectorsChrystofer Benson, Michael Albor, Nick Stenson, Danielle Keasling, Daniel Roldan, Dilek Onur-Taylor, Michelle O’Connor and Lenny Strand—opened #thebtcshow 2017 bright and early and Sunday morning. They kicked off the show by sharing haircolor how-tos and inspiring avant garde hairstyles, created by each member of the team. “If you see something that inspires you,” Chrystofer told the crowd, “take it and make it your own. We all have something to offer, and we need to bond together as an industry.”


When it comes to haircolor, Matrix owns color melting, and this versatile technique was the focus of many of their looks. Here are three outstanding Matrix color melting formulas—just click the beakers and start coloring!