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Last updated: June 13, 2018

4 Formulas Hand-Picked by Rebecca Taylor

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  • Formula A:

    Pulp Riot Nightfall + Pulp Riot Clear + b3

  • Formula B:

    Pulp Riot Absinthe + b3

  • Formula C:

    Pulp Riot Fireball + b3

  • Formula D:

    Pulp Riot Fireball + Pulp Riot Lemon + b3

  • Formula E:

    Pulp Riot Lemon + b3

  • Formula F:

    Pulp Riot Velvet + b3

When Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair) asks you to drop everything and come to L.A. to collab with your BFFs, you say YES!–especially when it’s to give back to the hairdressing community for the HEF Gives Back event.


Rebecca Taylor started the Hairdressers Education Forum on Facebook so stylists everywhere had a safe place to ask questions regardless of brand affiliation or number of followers. Almost 700,000 members later, it’s become an educational haven for stylists worldwide.


These badass colorists teamed up on the HEF stage in L.A. to share their social and technical tips with the 500 stylists in the audience (PLUS we FB Lived the entire event!). The best part? All for free. From a seamless balayage to an unconventional melt, check out these formulas!