Last updated: May 31, 2017


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What do blonde highlights, pastel base blends and subtle sombrés have in common? Beyond making your clients look absolutely stunning, they are—sadly—damaging to the hair. All coloring damages the follicles to some degree—some techniques more so than others. And for years, the only corrective techniques could only be done after the color service. But no longer!  ColorPhlex, is a hair-strengthening formula that penetrates to protect and strengthen the hair during color services! Made with the ColorStrong™ Complex, a vegetable-derived protein, this formula is scientifically proven to reduce damage and breakage in the hair. By reinforcing bonds, the ColorPhlex formula improves the overall quality and health of the hair. How sure are we of this? A study done by an internationally reputable independent testing lab, shows that when colored or bleached hair is treated with ColorPhlex, it emerges 3x stronger than before. Plus when ColorPhlex is added after shampooing, the hair is as strong as virgin hair! Bets of all, ColorPhlex has no effect on the color formulas, processing times or developer levels. Your clients will love their new haircolor, and you’ll love knowing that their hair is strong, vibrant and above all, healthy!      

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