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May 10, 2019

Phantom 30/3 Reversible Texturizer

ARC Scissors Phantom 30/3 Reversible Texturizer is a premium thinning and texturizing scissor that allows for various degrees of weight removal. It features 30 teeth with 3 grooves per tooth, removing approximately 30 to 35 percent when used at 90 degrees to the hair—like in scissor-over-comb cutting. When used for dry texturizing techniques, it can remove between 10 to 35 percent depending on the angle of the blade while cutting.


The shears are 100 percent handmade from cold forged Hitachi ATS314 Japanese steel and are reversible. Flipping or “reversing” the scissor allows you to cut hair differently with the teeth pointed up or down. This scissor will effortlessly slice and slide-cut through hair with zero drag or pull.


For more information, visit arcscissors.com.

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Phantom 30/3 Reversible Texturizer

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