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Last updated: August 30, 2017

Whitney Port Named Wella Professionals EIMI Celebrity Ambassador

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Each year as Fashion Week emerges, individuality and unique style gets a chance to be celebrated both on and off the runway. This year a new styling line will be front and center backstage at all of the Wella sponsored shows where Eugene Souleiman will lead teams of Wella stylists to unleash a new language of styling that celebrates each designer’s vision and each person’s distinctive personality. The complete portfolio, headlined by four hero products, includes 20 styling essentials uniquely organized in five benefit pillars—volume, smooth, texture, shine and hairspray. The EIMI products are designed to work together for endless styling opportunities, helping you develop and express whatever hairstyle your clients envision.


On the scene to soak up the latest fashion—notable fashion designer, author and TV personality Whitney Port, who was recently named Wella Professionals Celebrity Ambassador for the new EIMI styling collection. Whitney will #SpeakEIMI through appearances, media interviews and social media engagement, and will continue to reveal more information on the new styling line along with her favorite tips and tricks along the way. BTC got the scoop on everything EIMI from Whitney who reveals what fans can expect to see in the coming months. 

BTC: For someone so well-known for rocking her own individual style, which elements of EIMI attracted you to the collection?

Whitney: I think for me, the challenge with hair products is finding something that works the same for different hair types. I’ve found that most volumizers don’t achieve the same end benefit for my fine texture hair as they do for someone with thick hair. The Wella Professionals EIMI collection really works for any hair type/style to achieve the look I want. I honestly love the smell of the products and they are so easy to incorporate in my day-to-day routine for any look I want to create.



BTC: What are you favorite products in the line?


Whitney: I would have to say Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot, Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift and Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me. My hair holds volume so well with Root Shoot, which is something I usually find difficult to achieve as my hair often falls flat. Also, the Sugar Lift gives my hair hold, but also adds a cool, grippy texture that I love for creating loose waves. As for Dry Me, the smell combined with the volume the product creates really sold me.


BTC: What are your favorite ways to incorporate EIMI into your styling routine?


Whitney: One of my favorite parts about the EIMI brand is that it can be easily incorporated into so many different looks. When Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Ambassador, Andy LeCompte created a loose wave look for me, he applied Root Shoot to my roots before creating the rest of the style and I’ve now incorporated that in my daily routine. If I’m running around and don’t have time to shower or add volumizing products to my hair, I’ll tilt my head over and spray EIMI Dry Me to  not only freshen my hair, but to add volume as well (not to mention the smell).


BTC: Who is your hairstylist and how important is your relationship with them?


Whitney: I go to Johnny Ramirez for my color, Donovan Mills for my cut and Kylee Heath for styling. The relationships are all about trust! I love their aesthetic and taste level, so it’s easy for me to trust them! You want to feel comfortable expressing what you want but also trusting that they know best most of the time!


BTC: What was the worst cut or style you’ve ever had?

Whitney: Well, two things come to mind. One was when I dyed my hair brown in college—it turned green within a couple days! It was awful! The other was when I let my sister bleach my hair in high school with an at-home color kit and she turned it bright orange! It burned my hair so badly, and the repair process was just terrible!


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