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Last updated: August 06, 2020

Wahl Professional Welcomes Jamie DiGrazia As Its New Retail & Business Educator

Wahl Professional Welcomes Jamie DiGrazia As Its New Retail & Business Educator News
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Wahl Professional Announces New Retail & Business Educator

Wahl Professional announced that expert stylist and 2018 NAHA Men’s Stylist of the Year winner Jamie DiGrazia is joining the team as its new Retail and Business Educator. Jamie will use her passion for cutting and styling hair to teach barbers and stylists how to use the Wahl 1919 styling and finishing line to enhance their cuts and increase their revenue. In turn, purchase of these products will provide scholarships to the next generation of barbers and stylists through the company’s Fade It Forward™ program.


“There are two ways to earn money in this industry—service and retail. Through educating your guests, you can have a whole other part of your business that can be flourishing,” says Jamie, owner of Logan Parlor in Chicago. “To have a long, successful career, I think business education is what is going to take someone to the next level. And that comes from selling retail, having product knowledge and business education.”


Not only will Jamie be educating barbers and stylists on how to use the Wahl 1919 product line, but she’ll also teach them how to sell it to improve their business. Her goal is to help her fellow hair professionals as well as clients so they can properly use the styling and finishing products to recreate shop-worthy looks at home.


“At Logan Parlor, we’re transparent about how the purchase of the products we sell helps support our business and offsets the cost of our stylists’ continuing education. Our clients understand that and choose to support us,” shares Jamie.


“Jamie is an amazing stylist and a smart businessperson, and we’re thrilled to provide an opportunity for her to share her knowledge with barbers and stylists to help them improve their business,” says Anne Marie Kollias, Wahl Professional’s U.S. Director of Sales and Marketing.


As part of Wahl Professional’s philanthropic program, Fade It Forward™,  a portion of the purchase of each 1919 product will go toward funding barber school scholarships for youth in need. This program, which began in 2018, is designed to help young people in underprivileged areas achieve their dream of becoming barbers and provide them the opportunity to prosper, possibly becoming an entrepreneur themselves, and in turn, give back to their own communities.


The Fade It Forward™ program is currently active in Chicago and St. Louis, and Wahl has plans to expand to Cleveland and beyond in 2021.


“When I explain how the Wahl 1919 styling and finishing line helps young people become barbers and helps them get into an industry I love so much, well that’s really impactful. People care about that. People want to help other people. Barbers and stylists can understand that, and so can clients,” says Jamie.


For barbers and stylists interested in trying the Wahl 1919 styling and finishing products, a discounted introductory kit of all 11 products is available at


To apply to become a Wahl 1919 reseller and carry Wahl 1919 products in your shop and receive access to business and retail education, visit


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