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Last updated: June 14, 2021

Traveling To Another State For Work? Read This!

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The NIC Database Will Help Beauty Pros Store License Information 

Hairdressers and other beauty professionals that want to work in multiple states can now store their license information in a searchable database, making the verification process easy and seamless. The National Interstate Council of State Boards and Cosmetology (NIC) has partnered with management software company Certemy to launch the NIC Credential and NIC National Database. 


The NIC works to encourage consistency and standardization for beauty professionals, allowing stylists national work mobility. With the new NIC Database, state boards can verify cosmetology licenses quickly and easily through this new online recognition system. They can also upload current information to the database for accuracy. 


“Universal licensing recognitions will help our industries streamline national standards for cosmetology, barber, manicure and esthetics in education and training programs, while promoting license portability across state lines. As a leading advocacy organization for the cosmetology and related professions, we look forward to helping industries embrace these new opportunities,” the NIC said. 


How Does the NIC National Database Work?

The new database will provide a digital registry for participating beauty professionals both nationally and internationally. The database will include:

  • Stylist’s licensure status 
  • Expiration dates 
  • Any restrictions pertaining to the license 
  • Every state the licensee is registered in and the type of license they hold in that state 


What Is The NIC Credential?

Beauty pros that have taken the NIC Written, Practical and/or the Written Practical examination can receive the NIC National Credential. 


The NIC plans to launch the National Database in 2022 and the NIC Credential in late 2021.