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Last updated: June 24, 2020

This Technology Translates Color Formulas Between Brands

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SureTint Allows Colorists To Accurately Match Color Formulas Regardless Of Brand

SureTint Technologies has developed new Color Conversion technology, designed to effortlessly translate client formulas created using one color brand to a matching formula in a different brand instantly.


The new patented and patent-pending Color Conversion technology is the first of its kind and provides significant industry-changing benefits including:

  • Increasing the speed of color brand adoption and swap-outs at the salon level.


  • Facilitates inventory optimization within a salon.


  • Digitizes and simplifies education and training on a new color brand and reduces education costs for distributors, manufacturers and salons.


  • Provides significantly easier and faster transition for colorists who move from one salon or brand to another, plus it reduces formulation errors in conversions.



“As our industry re-emerges from the Covid-19 crisis, there will be a very real need for digital automation and data availability around color supply and usage. Our Color Conversion and LaRu Color Management technologies will transform and enhance work processes and provide real-time information about every color service performed,” says Elizabeth Christie, CEO, SureTint Technologies.


This new Color Conversion technology has been 7 years in the making and developed by SureTint’s international R&D team, alongside some of the industry’s leading colorists. The Color Conversion technology is enabled through SureTint’s LaRu Color Management Software and can be used on a mobile platform, through a salon’s LaRu dispense station or combined.


“When first approached about the concept of instantaneous color conversion from formula to formula, I knew I had to be a part of the creation team.  Having worked for multiple color manufacturer’s during my career, I have seen first-hand the trauma that changing color brands can cause not only at the client level, but also for the stylist and manufacturer. Providing hairdressers a tool that can give them the freedom and security to change brands without fear is the best gift ever,” adds Terri Adams, Director of Business Development, SureTint Technologies.


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