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Last updated: October 09, 2017

Sonya Dove to Close Salon, The Doves by DNA

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The Doves by DNA Co-Owners Aubrey Loots, Sonya Dove and Danny LeClair.

After 10 years, BTC On Paper cover star Sonya Dove has announced she is closing her Santa Monica salon, The Doves by DNA, on October 28. Sonya will continue working as a colorist and educator at her local Ulta, in Santa Monica.


“I did a lot of soul-searching, and I’ve decided it’s time to move on to the next chapter,” shares Sonya. “Sometimes in life, you have to let go of something to make room for something else.”


Originally founded by Sonya and Christopher Dove in 2007, The Doves by DNA is now co-owned by Sonya, Creative Director Aubrey Loots and Danny LeClair. Since reaching a decision to close the salon’s doors, Sonya, Aubrey and Danny have all helped to find homes for all 16 DNA stylists in the Santa Monica area.


“My staff all see the energy it takes to run a salon, and there are no hard feelings,” says Sonya. “They’ve told me, ‘My hat goes off to you for running it as long as you did.’”  


Sonya with her staff. The Doves opened 10 years ago on Halloween.


Sonya, who serves as a global ambassador for Wella Professionals and is on the Ulta Beauty Pro Team, will work with her clients at Ulta two days a week.  


“I want to continue to do what I love, which is spending time with my clients and being creative,” she says. “And being on the [Pro Team] has given me the opportunity to see all that Ulta has to offer, and they’re up to some big things.”  


Plus, she says the move will finally give her more time to hone in on a new interest—social media.


“I am loving this new social media era,” she says, “and I’m quite enjoying taking my best shot at it. But I know it takes time and energy, and I want to focus on that.”

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