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Last updated: June 25, 2020

Recycle Disposable Masks, Gowns With This New Program

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Green Circle Salons Launches PPE Recovery Initiative 

With enhanced sanitation guidelines requiring extra cleaning time and stylists now decked out in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), post-pandemic safety steps are producing a lot of additional waste—which can have a lasting effect on the environment. To help the pro hair industry reopen safely AND sustainably, Green Circle Salons, a salon waste recycling program, recently launched their PPE Recovery Initiative.


Designed to help reduce the environmental impact of new sanitation regulations, the PPE Recovery Initiative provides everything needed to take out the trash responsibly. The program is available to the entire professional beauty industry, including distributors and manufacturers.


Here’s how to participate: 



  • Once your kit arrives in the mail, place the included box in a location that is easily accessible to the staff and clients. 


  • Dispose of all salon PPE in the box, then when it’s full, seal it and send it back to Green Circle Salons. Any PPE is accepted, including masks, gloves, face shields, disinfectant wipes and paper towels.


  • Boxes will then be processed to be made into renewable energy, including any leftover sediment, for 100 percent ZERO waste! 


In addition to receiving the PPE Recovery Kit, participants will also have access to financial education on managing additional PPE salon costs. 


“When we started the Green Circle Salons movement over a decade ago, our mission was to offer North America-wide sustainability solutions for our industry by 2020”, says Green Circle Salons Founder and CEO Shane Price. “I am proud to say that today we can support businesses in every zip and postal code to recover up to 95 percent of their beauty waste, and just as we reached this milestone a new challenge emerged. With the PPE Recovery Initiative, we can ensure that people are kept safe as they return to work without a single new item entering the landfill.”


To learn more about the PPE Recovery Initiative visit,