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Last updated: March 28, 2019

Pureology Announces New Artistic Director Team

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Pureology Artistic Directors Emily Alders, Jamie Wiley, Michelle Patton, Ashley Hofstrand

Pureology has selected four artists from its Pure Artist Team to serve as the haircare company’s new Artistic Director Team. Artistic Directors Ashley Hofstrand (@ashleyhoffy), Emily Alders (@emily.alders), Jamie Wiley (@jamiewileyhair) and Michelle Patton (@michelleleep) will lead the brand’s Artistic Network, propel education and support the company’s growth with their vision and creativity.


“Because these four women have come up through Pureology’s artistic ranks and have demonstrated extraordinary talent, dedication and potential, we know they are outstanding choices to take our brand to the next level,” says Pureology General Manager Candy Gebhart.


Pureology Artistic Directors Emily Alders, Jamie Wiley, Ashley Hofstrand, Michelle Patton


Meet The Team


  • Ashley Hofstrand: With her passion for education, Ashley strives to make every encounter with her colleagues as memorable as possible. She is a natural leader and mentor, committed to nurturing the careers of all Pureology artists. She is a regular at New York Fashion Week and her work has appeared in numerous beauty publications.


  • Emily Alders: Thanks to her outstanding skills in finishing and braiding, Emily is in high demand as an educator and at New York Fashion Week. Her work frequently appears on beauty blogs and in beauty magazines. She’s also a proficient business educator, providing stylists with the insights they need to grow their teams and their businesses.


  • Jamie Wiley: Educator, author and artist, Jamie continuously strives to elevate her fellow hairdressers. Her work has been nominated for BTC #ONESHOT Hair Award. She recently published a book entitled “HAIRBOSS™” and contributes her creativity and talent to many designer shows during New York Fashion Week.


  • Michelle Patton: A self-proclaimed hair nerd, Michelle brings deep understanding of the foundations of the craft to her work. Her ability to clearly and effectively explain the most complicated techniques has made her one of Pureology’s most respected educators. She has worked backstage at New York Fashion Week and her work has appeared in a variety of respected publications.


“With this new Artistic Director Team, Pureology is entering an exciting new chapter,” says Candy. “The four Artistic Directors and their collective experience, along with the Pure Artist Network across the U.S., have incredible passion for their craft and for our brand. Together we will help Pureology salons expand its businesses and artistry in many exciting new ways.”

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