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Last updated: August 16, 2018

Olaplex Congratulates Eight Olaplex Advocates On Their #ONESHOT Nominations

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The 2018 #ONESHOT HAIR AWARDS are right around the corner and the competition has never looked so colorful! Voters around the globe have chosen the winners, to be announced August 26, and eight Olaplex Advocates are finalists!



From categories in pastel, vibrant, ombré, hair painting, creative color, unconventional color, curls and more, these eight hairdressers are making their way to the top with one thing in common: Olaplex. Stephanie Geib (@stephscissorhands), Catherine Long (@catherinelovescolor), Amy McManus (@camouflageandbalayage), Ashlee Allen (@aaashlee), Justine Landfried (@thefaithfulblonde), Hannah Snyder (@hannahhsnyderr), Samantha Christopher (@aprilbloom)and David Solis (@davidsolis22)are a group of Olaplex Advocates taking over the hair world, one shot at a time.



Olaplex Advocates are a group of rising stars, inspiring influencers and Olaplex users who empower other hairdressers to expand their knowledge and use of Olaplex. It takes raw talent to make it as a #ONESHOT finalist, and this bunch of Olaplex loyalists are showing just how groundbreaking healthy hair can really be.



Five of these eight finalists are nominated in the same categories for Ombré and Hair Painting, showcasing their exceptional talent and confidence for lifting hair to gorgeous, natural looking blondes. Gone are the days where healthy hair meant minimal chemical services and maximum haircuts—with Olaplex, these #ONESHOT finalists can push the hair safely to drastic transformations, vibrant colors, dreamy pastels and seamless ombrés. Click through the slideshow below to see them all!



Color aside, what about bouncy, beautiful curls? If you weren’t impressed already with their amazing color work, these curls by Olaplex Advocate @hannahhsnyderr will definitely do the trick. Curly hair is some of the most fragile hair and is more prone to damage than other hair textures. Olaplex treatments do wonders for bringing all hair textures back to its natural state and is a curly client’s best friend—check out @hannahhsnyderr’s shot featuring highlighted natural curls with a perfectly defined curl pattern!



We love a competition where everyone’s the winner—both the hairdresser and the client. It’s safe to say these BTC #ONESHOT finalists are changing the hair game, one healthy process at a time!