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Last updated: October 11, 2019

NovaLash Partners With The National Breast Cancer Foundation

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NovaLash is partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NCBF) this fall to support breast cancer awareness and education. For every Lash+doctor® serum sold between September 1 thru October 31, NovaLash will donate five dollars to the NCBF, a charity that provides help and inspires hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services.


One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, but NovaLash’s passion for bringing attention to this issue is personal. The company’s 2018 Lash Artist of the Year Tonje Fjeldberg is a recent survivor who successfully fought this disease and courageously tells her story to inspire women around the world.


“After being diagnosed in October 2016, I had a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment over the next two years,” says Tonje. “I was willing to do whatever it took to beat this terrible disease, for myself and my family. Immediately following chemo, I started to use Lash+doctor® growth serum from NovaLash. It really helped me to get my lashes and brows back in a really healthy condition. As soon as possible, [I had] a friend and coworker helped me to put on extensions again. I felt so much better and more myself with lashes.”


2018 Lash Artist of the Year Tonje Fjeldberg


Lash+doctor® is a natural, effective eyelash and eyebrow conditioning and growth serum that is 100 percent free of hormones, avoiding the potential side effects of prostaglandin, which can darken eyelid skin and change the color of the iris. Enriched with peptides, natural plant extracts and multi-vitamins, Lash+doctor® conditions, strengthens and maintains the healthy hair growth of pre-existing live eyelash and eyebrow follicles with a powerful, pH-balanced formula.


“Tonje has been an inspiration to so many of us in the industry, bringing the importance of breast cancer awareness not only to our company, but to the world,” says NovaLash CEO Sophy Merszei. “Seeing her overcome so many obstacles, while inspiring lash artists around the globe, including her family, has been so motivating to those who know her beautiful soul. She has always fought and taught us all to never give up on our dreams.”


“I always knew in my heart that I would make a difference, although being diagnosed with breast cancer wasn’t what I had in mind. Sharing my story and inspiring others is an absolute honor. If we can make a difference in just one person’s life, it’s worth it,” remarks Tonje. “I encourage any woman struggling with cancer to find your best way to stay positive and feel as beautiful as you can. And of course, I am a huge advocate of early detection and treatment, so please make sure to get screened with a mammogram every year.”

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