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Last updated: April 06, 2018

Neuro® Teams Up With Karim Rashid To Launch New Tools

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When you’re blow-drying and styling clients all day, you need tools that make your job easier, not harder. That’s why John Paul Mitchell Systems Neuro® teamed up with world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid to create Neuro® Halo, a new collection of super smart (and super stylish) tools. BTC got a first look at the Neuro Halo launch party at Karim’s studio in NYC—check it out!


We seriously loved this styling iron.


Here’s a mind-blowing fact: “We touch on average 642 objects a day,” Karim said. “That means those objects are shaping our lives. They shape whether we have a good life or a bad life.” Karim’s award-winning designs include clients like Veuve Clicquot, Georgio Armani, 3M, Samsung, Kenzo…the list goes on and on (he even designed the manhole covers for New York City), and his ethos is this: “If things become obstacles in this material world…we need to take them out. We need to put things in the world that elevate the human experience.”


Industrial designer Karim Rashid and JPMS COO Jason Yates.


Neuro® shares that same worldview, said Jason Yates, Chief Operations Officer of JPMS. “When we created the Neuro brand in 2012, we wanted to elevate the industry. Any products we make have to be recommended by a professional to a consumer,” he said. “We want to make what is often a daunting thing very tangible, very simple, so when you touch this beautiful object, you know exactly what it does and how to use it.” As a hairdresser himself, Jason brought the professional stylist’s needs to Karim, who in his first professional beauty collaboration, created two tools with “the most progressive technology we could get our hands on,” Karim said.


JPMS Vice Chairman Michaeline DeJoria.


“[This partnership] felt right from the beginning,” said Michaeline DeJoria, Vice Chairman of JPMS. “To have someone who is an industrial designer is absolutely mindblowing. We were just so proud and honored and privileged to collaborate.” (Psst—the Neuro® Halo line is named after Michaeline’s daughter!)


The Details On The Neuro Halo Dryer


neuro halo blow dryer paul mitchell


The Neuro Halo Touchscreen Dryer looks like something from the future—and the technology that comes in it backs it up. “It’s seamless and very intuitive,” Karim said. With a touch screen on the top of the dryer, “you’re not just squeezing buttons,” adding that there’s no need to move your head or the dryer to control heat settings on the handle of the tool. Plus, the streamlined shape is ergonomic AND cool-looking. “It’s like a sophisticated little car!” Karim said. “If you pick up another product, you’ll see the difference. Once they use this, they’ll be kind of addicted.”


The deets:

  • Three heat settings
  • Three airflow settings
  • A cool shot button
  • Tourmaline ions to reduce frizz and add shine


The Details On The Neuro Halo Styling Iron


neuro halo styling iron paul mitchell


“When you pick up the flat iron, you’ll notice the tool has been crafted like an extension of your hand,” Jason said. “It’s not square and awkward.” The shape and hinge tension have been optimized to prevent hand strain, and a microchip acts as “the brain of the tool,” checking the temperature 50 times per second for fast heat recovery. Beveled edges means this is NOT just a flat iron—“it’s a hair styling iron,” Jason said. “You can create curls, waves, flips and volume.”


The deets:

  • 1-inch IsoTherm titanium plates that are longer than traditional irons
  • SmartSense microchip for ultra-fast heat recovery
  • Touch-screen display with programmable temperature settings
  • State-of-the-art heater that reaches 450 degrees in 25 seconds


The Neuro brushes are magnetic, so they stand up straight! Too cool!


See The Entire Launch Event!

Neuro treated BTC Managing Editor Lauren to a blowout at Raika Studio in Manhattan (using the Neuro care and styling lines and tools, of course!) before the launch event at Karim Rashid’s studio. Watch the video for a front-row seat to the entire night!


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