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Last updated: May 23, 2024

Meet MYAVANA, Science-Backed Luxury Haircare For Textured Hair

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MYAVANA Haircare Is Scientifically Proven, Technology-Driven Haircare Formulated For Textured Hair

Scientifically tested, technologically-advanced, patent pending, industry-changing…what more could we say? MYAVANA Haircare has disrupted the textured-hair space with their haircare technology that is currently changing lives, and crowns, across the world.


Meet MYAVANA’s Founder

Candace Mitchell Harris, alumna of the Georgia Institute of Technology, founded MYAVANA in 2012. With 14 years of experience in cosmetology and computer science, Candace grew a haircare brand with technology advancements that have participated is Sephora‘s Accelerate Fellowship and won a BET Honors STEM Award.


MYAVANA Founder & CEO, Candace Mitchell Harris


MYAVANA’s Mission, Background & Company Values

The brand’s main focus is textured hair. Black woman-owned, founded, operated and run, MYAVANA has a core company value and operating system, C.A.R.E: Consult, Analyze, Recommend, Educate. This complete haircare resource is personalized, developed to support understanding, AI analysis, scientific conditional analysis and recommendations of exact haircare products that meet individual hair needs at any point in a person’s life.


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Groundbreaking Science & Technology That’s Happening NOW

MYAVANA HairAI™ (patent pending) is the world’s first personalized instant hair analysis system. Artificial Intelligence technology and MYAVANA HairSI™ (Scientific Intelligence) pioneers scientific hair strand testing for personalized scientific analysis of textured hair type and condition


MYAVANA Science, Technology & Data completely disrupt the multi-billion dollar textured haircare industry. The proprietary technology ushers in the age of instant hair AI analysis, scientific hair strand analysis and truly insightful personalized haircare for billions of people across the globe with textured hair. 


Explore MYAVANA Products Through The Links Below

  • MYAVANA Hair Assessment (HairAI) Discover what products will work best for your crown.
  • MYAVANA Hair Analysis Kit (HairSI) Learn how to care for your crown with a plan and and expert guidance.
  • MYAVANA Hair Consultation: Book a consultation with our hair care experts to find the best solution for your crown. LEARN MORE.
  • MYAVANA Pro+: For Salons looking to transform and position their businesses for success. LEARN MORE.
  • MYAVANA HairCI: For companies looking for real-time data & analytics on their target consumer. LEARN MORE.
  • MYAVANA HairRI: For retailers looking to drive purchases across the products they offer. LEARN MORE.


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