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Last updated: June 28, 2021

@lisalovesbalayage Formulation Challenge––Here’s How To Enter!

Lisa Walker @lisalovesbalayage Blonde Balayage Contest Color Formulas
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Instagram via @lisalovesbalayage

Use This @lisalovesbalayage Formula & Enter To Win $1,000 Of Product

Lisa Walker—aka @lisalovesbalayage to her 696k Insta followers—is known for her incredible balayage education and seamless blending skills. So, when Lisa noticed a comment on one of her posts asking why she doesn’t give away all of her color formulas, here’s what she had to say: Color formulas aren’t universal, so simply giving away a formula doesn’t mean every artist will get the same color results they might have expected. 


That’s why she came up with the #FormulationChallenge contest to show how important a colorist’s skill set is, and how the same formula can create endless results. Also, to show other artists how formulating as a craft is more important than only passing along formulas. Lisa paired up with Schwarzkopf Professional to launch an Instagram contest and an opportunity for hairdressers to take one of her formulas and create their own unique work. 


Same Formula, Totally Different Results!

Lisa shared this example on her Insta from two different colorists: 

Instagram via @lisalovesbalayage


Here’s What To Do:

  1. Create a look using the formula below (scroll & click the beaker!) using all Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Vibrance—you choose the developer and mixing ratio. 
  2. Take an Instagram-worthy photo of the finished look, post and tag #FormulationChallenge so Lisa can see your gorge work.
  3. This is a 30-day challenge starting October 17, so get to work ASAP.
  4. Stay tuned because Lisa will be posting a second formula, so you can recreate either or both looks and enter to win.


Prize: One lucky winner will win $1,000 in Schwarzkopf Professional products (OMG, right?!).


Tap The Beaker & Screenshot This Color Formula

Lisa Walker @lisalovesbalayage Blonde Balayage Contest Color Formulas
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For more information, CLICK HERE! 


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