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Last updated: October 07, 2021

LA Requires COVID Vaccine Proof For Salons

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Clients Must Show COVID Vaccine Proof To Go To LA Salons

Clients who want to visit LA salons must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test beginning Nov. 4 in one of the country’s most wide-sweeping vaccine mandates, and the first in the U.S. to include beauty salons. Neighboring city West Hollywood passed a similar measure and will require proof of vaccine or negative test for salon clients starting Oct. 11.


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The Los Angeles City Council voted Oct. 6 to require vaccines for almost all indoor businesses, including beauty salons, indoor restaurants, gyms and museums. Employees or independent contractors who work in these businesses must also have proof of vaccination or provide weekly negative COVID tests, said Tom Waldman, Director of Communications for City Councilman Paul Krekorian.


Businesses that don’t follow the new rules will be issued a warning for their first violation and then fined up to $5,000. It isn’t clear yet how the city will enforce the mandate with businesses. “Enforceability specifics are also awaiting issuance of rules and regulations,” Waldman said. The city will begin issuing fines on Nov. 29. 



Customers may offer written medical or religious exemptions to the mandate but will be required to use “outdoor facilities” if they can’t provide a recent negative test. Clients who have no proof of a vaccine, exception or negative test may briefly enter an establishment to pick up “to-go orders” (for example, picking up retail or color kits from salons).  


The rule will remain in place until the city’s emergency declaration for the COVID-19 pandemic expires. The city-wide ordinance expands the Los Angeles County rule which requires proof of vaccination or a negative test for restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but does not include salons and other personal service businesses. Masks are still required at all businesses regardless of a customer’s vaccination status. 


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City council members said that this new mandate does not require anyone to receive a vaccine, but will limit their ability to participate in indoor activities and businesses. Concerns over enforcement and the negative impact vaccine requirements would have on small businesses led two council members to vote against the law. The ordinance passed with an 11-2 vote.


As of Sept. 27, the county’s seven-day daily case average was 1,050 new cases, a decrease of more than 57 percent from the previous month. Los Angeles County is still averaging 14 deaths a day even though more than 61 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, according to the Los Angeles Times


This is the first vaccination mandate to include beauty salons in the country. Previous orders, including New York City’s Key To NYC have excluded personal services from requiring proof of vaccination. 


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