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Last updated: December 21, 2020

How To Earn 30% Commission With FHI Heat’s Program For Salon Pros

FHI Heat Affiliate Stylist Program Earn 30 Percent Commission On Sales
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The FHI Heat Pro Commission Program: What You Need To Know

We get it…2020 has been really tough. Stay-at-home orders, capacity limitations and the pandemic’s impact on salons have left stylists with fewer opportunities to make money. That’s where FHI Heat is stepping in—meet the FHI Heat Pro Commission Program. Keep reading to learn how you can make 30 percent commission on every retail sale.


Sell Retail Without The Stress Of Carrying Inventory

The FHI Heat Pro Commission Program is an affiliate system offering stylists and salon owners a way to deliver their services beyond the chair. Salon pros can now use their expertise to guide clients to tools and hair care products that elevate their at-home styling experiences. Through the Pro Commission Program, stylists can earn commission on the sales of those products, without the hassle of carrying any inventory.


How The Online Program Works

The Pro Commission Program is social-friendly, aka designed to make it easier to sell retail on the social channels you’re already using. The sign-up process takes only minutes, and stylists are given a customizable referral link to share with loyal clients. Salon pros will receive 30 percent of all sales purchased through their custom link. FHI Heat then fulfills the orders, which are trackable (along with commissions and payments) through a personal dashboard.


With the FHI Heat Pro Commission Program, stylists and salon owners can comfortably transition to the online space without wasting extra time, energy or money. Without the need for inventory, the change is seamless. FHI Heat aims to inspire stylists by giving them the tools needed to make their businesses thrive, whether it’s online or behind the chair.


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