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Last updated: September 05, 2017

Help Sex Slaves Build a New Life

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If a women or child was in danger of being kidnapped, sold—even by their own family, beaten, and raped…you would help, wouldn’t you?  Within the U.S., an alarming 293,000 children are in danger of being sexually exploited each year. In Cambodia, human trafficking is a very real, “acceptable” way of life, with a world-wide estimated 12.3 million people being trafficked every day—80 percent are women and 60 percent are children. For these women and children, their reality is one of terror and torture, facing horrors that many people in America cannot even imagine—but you can help put a stop to it.


Matthew Fairfax and his team have come together to restore these women and children from a life of sexual slavery. But simply removing these women from a bad situation is not enough. They need to be taught a trade in order to survive and thrive in their country to fully escape slavery. It was out of this need to learn a trade that the Justice and Soul Foundation was born. “This is a world-wide issue—it effects every one of us, and it can impact so many young, innocent lives,” says Matthew. “We have to send the message around the world that this is NOT okay, and we have to make sure these precious lives who have been rescued from this abuse have hope and restoration.”



How You Can Help
Do you want to help change lives? The Justice and Soul Foundation needs your help. They are looking for dedicated stylists ready to volunteer for at least one month to help educate and build confidence in the students and provide services to Cambodian clients at their Kate Korpi Salon and Academy. If you are able to come for three months or more, a stipend will be paid to help offset the cost of living. Don’t have an instructor’s license? No worries, Cambodia has very little regulation when it comes to licensure. “Not everyone can come to Cambodia, but we all can tell our clients, get involved on a local level, fundraise for the cause, and make a difference one life at a time,” notes Matthew. “Foundations are only as good as the tribe that supports them!”


“My experience working with Justice and Soul was nothing but fulfilling,” shares Sarah Mitchell, Stylist at AOC Salon in Norfolk, VA. “I ended up learning so much about myself through the students. I am eternally grateful for the time I spent in Cambodia and nothing could keep me from going back there again to see the students.”


Volunteer Requirements
– Graduate of a cosmetology program.
-Current cosmetology license in country of residence.
-Good communication skills.
-Good presentation skills.
-Ability to manage time efficiently.
-Good organizational skills.
-Strong retail experience.
-Professional presence.
-Strong customer service skills
-Working experience with Davines a plus.


Volunteers are responsible for their airfare and accommodations (many volunteers use GoFundMe and enlist the support of family and friends). This also helps get clients involved and supportive of your absence from the salon.



What the Foundation Needs
The Foundation is also in need of a full-time Cosmetology Education Coordinator to help manage the apprenticeship program, setting standards for learning, providing cosmetology services to clients and supporting the Director in overall management for the salon/academy. This is a paid position and requires a minimum one-year commitment to living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 


Volunteer FAQs
1. Time. Be willing to commit to at least one month in Cambodia (one week for the transition).
2. Transportation. Airfare ranges from $800-$1700. Flight time is between 17 and 24 hours, depending on the airline and possible layovers.
3. Accommodations. Rooms are available for just $30 per night and breakfast is included. Some volunteers have found great deals with AirB&B (, and the Justice and Soul Team are willing to help volunteers find a suitable place to stay. 
4. Food. Breakfast is typically included with most guest houses or hotels and the average cost for lunch/dinner is between $5 to $7.
5. Weather. From the month of April to November, the conditions are typically rainy and humid, but the salon and living quarters have air conditioning.


“Being a guest artist and educator and living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for six weeks was the most fulfilling experience of my life,” shares Amber LeMaster, Stylist at James Alan Salon in Shoreline, WA.  “The apprentices are amazing, full of natural talent, and so eager to absorb all the knowledge they can. I would go back in a heartbeat.”


For more information about Justice and Soul and their efforts in Cambodia, or to apply to be a volunteer visit,