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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Hair Visions International: A New Name for a Familiar Company

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When it debuted in the 1970s, On Rite was only known for making men’s hair replacements. With time and growth, things have gotten slightly more complicated. There’s Gemtress, UltraTress, Simplicity and TressAllure—many different areas of hair replacements and extensions all beneath the On Rite umbrella. To simplify things and maintain each brand’s already established identities, the umbrella needed to be rebranded.


In other words—say hello to Hair Visions International


“Over the recent years, it got very confusing when referencing On Rite. Were we talking about the men’s brand or the company? This change will allow us to better promote our men’s products and expanded brands,” said Hair Visions President, Andrew Wright.


From now on, Hair Visions International refers to all of the brands and On Rite will strictly refer to the men’s hair replacement brand. The other brands will remain the same—Gemtress with women’s hair replacements, UltraTress with human hair extensions, Simplicity with patented human hair extensions and TressAllure with women’s fashion wigs.


Although the company is changing names, they are not changing ownership or the way they do business! For Hair Visions International, their mission to provide high quality products to those with hair loss remains the same.


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