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Last updated: August 16, 2017

Hair Visions International Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Hair Visions International has announced the appointment of Lance Centofanti as their new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In this new roll, Lance will be responsible for strategic messaging related to the On Rite, Gemtress and Ultratress brands. And one thing’s for sure—Hair Visions is gearing up for change! Lance aims to redefine hair restoration for a whole new generation.


If anyone’s up to the task, it’s certainly Centofanti—with his 49 comprehensive years of industry perspective, he’s been a hair stylist, image consultant, studio owner, brand strategist, sales and marketing executive and success coach. He first joined On Rite in 1997, and during his second year of four, was named the national sales manager. From 2001 to 2012, he served as Vice President of Sales for a renowned industry supplier and achieved success as a brand strategist, developing product-related innovations as well as the communication methods for target audience engagement.


Lance rejoins Hair Visions International at a crucial moment in its history—it’s 40th anniversary. He sees this as the perfect time to usher in a new wave of innovation and success. “Leadership is never declared, it’s achieved. I’m coming back full of revitalized enthusiasm and determination. It’s going to be a very exciting 2015!”


And it will—Lance believes that the best way to a better future is to create it! There will be many challenges like anticipating customer needs, translating today’s emerging trends into tomorrow’s successful products and services and sharing unique, creative messages in a more socially connected world. But as Lance says, “Success is not an entitlement, regardless of your past. What really matters is what you’re going to bring to the table tomorrow in a dramatically shifting marketplace.”