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Last updated: June 08, 2018

Goldwell Color Zoom ’19 Collection To Be Unveiled In Toronto This Fall

See The Energetic Escapism Collection At The 2018 Global Zoom World Artistic Event

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Are you ready for it? Goldwell/KMS is taking their Global Zoom World Artistic Event to Toronto, Canada on September 29, 2018! In addition to the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge, in which numerous international hairdressers will compete live to become part of the Global Color Zoom Creative Team, the 2019 Color Zoom Collection will finally be unveiled.


Created by the 2017 Color Zoom Challenge winners—Russia’s Maxim Sotnikov, Singapore’s Dylan Tung and U.S. champion Mia Sota—and two International Artists, cutting expert Sascha Haseloff from Germany and color expert Agnes Westerman from the Netherlands, the ’19 Collection was created during an immersive week-long workshop that started in London and finished in Berlin.


To begin the workshop, the team visited notable destinations in London for inspiration (including the Tate Modern Museum), immersied themselves in a 2019 trend forecast for fashion, design and beauty and discussed how they would translate these trends into an innovative hair fashion collection. Then, the team created mood boards to help them visualize their ideas and used mannequin heads to seamlessly combine cut, color and styling looks. After the first day, the team aligned on the direction of the collection being strongly influenced by Energetic Escapism, focusing on positive and imaginative energy. Finally, to help with the preparation of press materials for the big event this fall, they brought their completed Color Zoom looks to life on live models during a Berlin photo shoot.


“Winning Color Zoom has been such a thrilling and inspirational journey,” Mia says. “Having the opportunity to work on the 2019 Collection with Maxim, Dylan, Sascha and Agnes has reinforced my appreciation for collaboration. This unique experience has certainly helped me grow as a professional, both by refining my skills and challenging my creativity.”


The success of Maxim, Dylan and Mia in the 2017 competition merely heralded the beginning of an exciting journey: in addition to their roles as teachers and ambassadors for the new collection, they will also act as judges of the competition in 2019, ushering in a new group of talented Color Zoom winners. For tickets to Global Zoom in Toronto, click here.

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