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Last updated: January 19, 2022

Face Masks No Longer Required In England’s Salons & Barbershops

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England Drops Face Mask Rules For Salons

Masks will no longer be mandated in salons and barbershops in England starting Jan. 27. The country’s current COVID-19 rules, including mandatory face masks in public places, will be dropped, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


England will begin to treat COVID-19 more like the flu, according to the BBC. Johnson said it was time to “trust the judgment” of the public on the use of masks in enclosed and crowded places. Further COVID-19 restrictions, such as mandatory COVID-19 passports and work-from-home, will also be lifted.



Businesses and venues can continue to ask clients to provide evidence of vaccination status or a recent negative test “if they wished,” according to the BBC. Johnson said data shows infection levels are falling in England and that the Omicron wave has peaked, citing data from the latest study by the Office for National Statistics.


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During the recent holiday season, English businesses saw dramatic drops in trade over Omicron variant concerns. Salons across the country witnessed cancellations during what is typically the industry’s busiest time, according to the Guardian. Stylists in England have experienced multiple mandated closures since the pandemic’s start.



Johnson said the government would develop a long-term strategy for living with COVID-19, including urging people to remain cautious during the final weeks of winter. He noted there are “significant pressures” on the country’s health system and that the pandemic is “not over.” Meanwhile, a virologist from the University of Warwick, Professor Lawrence Young, called for a need to “stay alert” for a possible Omicron resurgence and the arrival of new variants, according to Sky News.