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Last updated: March 23, 2023

evo’s “Unlimited” Campaign Champions Self-Expression

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Embrace Good Times & Good Hair With “Unlimited” by evo

The reality is: Every client’s unique experience in your chair isn’t so cut and dry. From the consultation to the shampoo bowl to the finishing touches, giving your client a look that helps them express themselves is KEY. Australia’s top haircare brand, evo, is making waves with its all new “Unlimited” campaign, designed to tackle the everyday societal “blah, blah, blah.”


Ready to rejoice in good hair and good times? Read on to say farewell to definition, filters and limits with “Unlimited.”


evo gives featured model Blake range for self-expression and creative freedom:

Photo Courtesy of evo


What is the “Unlimited” campaign? 

The “Unlimited” movement follows evo’s pledge to free thinking and self-expression. The goal? To celebrate whoever, whatever, whenever—even if it’s just for a moment. 


The campaign follows evo’s mission to deliver:


  • A limitless palette of out-of-this-world color
  • Unique-to-you color maintenance systems
  • Infinite care and style collections for all hair types
  • Freedom for creativity and expression


“Unlimited” brings a fresh aesthetic to quality haircare:

Photo Courtesy of evo


What brings “Unlimited” to life?

Stylists can discover the campaign inspired by ’90s nostalgia and 2022 eccentricity through the eight representatives at the heart of it all. The goal: To prove anyone can use evo and be themselves.


  1. Skii the “UNgenreised”: Likes writing songs, playing piano and singing
  2. Mason the “UNderstanding”: Believes in being a good listener
  3. Zoe the “UNbelieveable”: Favors the mantra, “say yes to everything”
  4. Asia the “UNfiltered”: Is happiest when making people dance
  5. Milo the “UNparalleled”: Believes in good mental health and good friends
  6. Blake the “UNconventional”: Says a day with no limits would be one spent in the clouds
  7. Natalie the “UNstoppable”: Likes acting, traveling and meeting new people
  8. Maddison the “UNapologetic”: Is proud of “being a ‘ging’ and bringing new life into the world”


Meet the “Unlimited” crew:


As this campaign takes over the internet, evo encourages the hair community to get involved. Ask yourself: “How do I live life undefined, unfiltered and unlimited?”


“Unlimited”‘s Skii and Mason both use evo to highlight their unique personalities:

Photo Courtesy of evo


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