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Last updated: August 11, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Color Space™

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Industry Veterans Launch New Innovative Haircolor Product Line 

In an industry full of innovation, how does a brand continue to push the boundaries of hair technology and salon service? For Color Space™, it means launching a revolutionary line of haircolor products and giving stylists the tools they need to push the boundaries. Founded by industry veterans Ray Civello and Lupe Voss, Color Space™ is a brand built on reinvention—but they aren’t limiting themselves to just products. Their goal is to turn the entire salon industry upside down.


Creating a product line that disrupts an industry didn’t just happen overnight, explains Ray. “We got here differently. We used revolutionary thinking when we collaborated with a top color professor at a leading Italian university known globally for color science.” 


Meet the Color Space™ line: Understanding the true color scale

Using data and research validated by accredited professionals in scientific and academic fields, Color Space™ has established the first uniform neutral scale of color based on the Munsell Hue test, setting a new industry baseline for haircolor. 


So what does this mean for stylists? Here’s what you should know about Color Space™ products:

  • Color Space™ haircolor is calibrated on a true color scale. Meaning colorists can formulate the exact color they want every time, which means customized, consistent color for every client. 


  • Products are also made from 100 percent plant-derived ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free, allowing stylists and clients to be eco-conscious without compromising results. 


Check out these products from Color Space™: 

  • ZERO Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Color is formulated with 99.8 percent pigment purity and true to level tone.
  • PRIMARY Hair Color contains a micro-dry molecule that penetrates the hair shaft without over-lifting the cuticle, providing better all-over coverage. 
  • UNIMIX is an in-salon color mixer that reduces processing time, product waste and thermal shock for clients. 


Lupe and Ray aren’t just counting on groundbreaking products to transform the industry, they’re also aiming to disrupt traditional beauty standards by inspiring individuality in every form.


“Color Space is a true celebration of community, diversity and inclusivity, and how each of these factors come together to create something uniquely, unapologetically beautiful,” explains Ray. “Together, we embrace ‘different’, and move past our comfort zone towards greatness in every form, building and learning off of one another as we go.”


That’s why they launched CS Ed.—an immersive and interactive haircolor education program that teaches techniques and critical business skills that hair pros can take to the salon the very next day. Bringing the next era of haircare and salon success to stylists today. 


To learn more about Color Space™ education and how to offer Color Space™ products in your salon, click here.