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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Eufora Welcomes New Talent to its Education Team

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Megan Moskowitz joins the Education Department at Eufora International as regional education programs coordinator. Megan will work closely with the Eufora regional educators and trainers on pursuing their goals and furthering their career paths as educators with Eufora. She will also work closely with Eufora sales executives and distributors on the successful implementation and delivery of Eufora Education programs in their markets.


As a 10-year veteran of the industry, Megan has been involved with Eufora since 2010. She brings a wide range of experience to the Eufora Education Department from her time as a stylist, salon manager, regional educator, color trainer and salon sales consultant. She has a diverse perspective on the Eufora world and loves sharing her inspiration for what is possible in this industry.


Megan has worked in various roles within the Eufora network. In 2010 she became a Eufora elite salon specialist for her salon and, shortly after, began her journey as a certified Eufora educator. She then jumped into the sales world, working as a salon consultant in the northern Los Angeles area.


She credits her successful journey to her passion for the industry and Eufora for the opportunities she’s had for professional growth, receiving continued support through Eufora education and business systems.