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Last updated: September 02, 2017

A Chat With Sport Clips’ First-Ever Artistic Team

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Is it just us, or is Sport Clips having a moment? We’re pretty sure it’s not just us. In the past year, the franchise gave 23 million haircuts in the U.S. and Canada, was ranked in the Top 10 of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “fastest-growing” companies and opened its 1,300th store—all while creating a culture among not just its loyal clientele, but among its 13,000-strong group of stylists (and counting!). 


Coming off of the brand’s best year ever, the Sport Clips crew decided it was time to recognize these stylists and prove that Sport Clips is just as much about creativity and trends than about buzz cuts and neck trims. That’s why last weekend at the 2015 Sport Clips Huddle in Las Vegas, the brand launched its first-ever Artistic Team.


BTC got a chance to sit down with the Artistic Team members at the Huddle to discuss their roles on the team, what it’s like to represent the brand they love and what people might be surprised to learn about the franchise.


Bailey Wernke, Indianapolis, IN


BTC: Why did you decide to apply to be on the Artistic Team?
Bailey: I love to go into schools and talk about our brand because I love it so much. I feel like sometimes franchises are looked down upon—I wanted to get rid of that perception and show people what Sport Clips can really offer.


BTC: You’ve been with Sport Clips for almost 10 years now. What has kept you there?  
Bailey: Where I worked before, I did not feel cared about. I was just another body behind the chair. I never even met the owners of the salon. When I came to Sport Clips, I found the values and the culture I was looking for, and I don’t think you can find that anywhere else.


BTC: How has your experience with Sport Clips changed you professionally and personally?
Bailey: It’s like a family. I feel like the people I work with, we have each other’s backs all the time, and we’re all working together toward a common goal. 


Linda Casillas, Lansdale, PA


BTC: What would people be surprised to learn about Sport Clips?
Linda: How fast we’re growing! When I started, there were only three stores in the Philadelphia area. Now we’ve got 10 stores, and it’s been less than four years. States that never had Sport Clips now have them. The growth has been phenomenal.


BTC: What do you love most about being on the Artistic Team?
Linda: Getting to do a lot with technical skills and demonstration, which is my passion. That and helping stylists and future stylists improve their technical skills.


BTC: What advice do you find most helpful for future stylists?
Linda: The most important thing, especially for new stylists, is to take as many classes as you can and get as much education as you can. And never stop learning. Go to manufacturer classes, attend hair shows and go to classes at the hair shows as well as watch the main stage.


Erin Burton, Rochester, NY


BTC: How did you get involved with the Artistic Team?
Erin: When they came up with the idea to form the Artistic Team, we were redoing the Sport Clips All Star Haircutting System, and we worked closely with Paul Mitchell and especially Julian [Perlingiero]. Through this, he saw my technical skills and learned how well we work together, so he asked me to be a part of the team. 


BTC: What’s been your favorite part about being on the artistic team so far?
Erin: Getting to meet people and inspire them. I love taking to people, and anything that I’m passionate about I love to share. I’m glad I get to be the face of a company I’m so passionate about and that I get to share my passion with others. 


Andrea Allemand, Summerville, SC


BTC: What are you enjoying most about being on the artistic team?
Andrea: I love having the opportunity to motivate future stylists who are just starting out in the industry. If there were any other job I’d want to have besides this, it would be a motivational speaker. So I kind of feel like I get the best of both worlds doing this!


BTC: What do you think is one of the top-rated benefits of working for Sport Clips?
Andrea: The family environment in the company is something you can’t describe—you can only feel. The people I work for are area developers and I’ve known them the entire time I’ve been with the company, and they consider me part of the family. It’s a husband and wife team, and they consider me one of their daughters. She came up to me just after I got off stage [after the launch of the artistic team], gave me a big hug and said “Did you see me crying? We’re so proud of you!”


BTC: What do you think most people would be surprised to learn about Sport Clips?
Andrea: Everyone works together in each salon. That’s not something you would see if, for example, you were in a booth rented salon. They’re individually trying to grow their business. But, at Sport Clips, we are working together as a team to grow the business.


Ashlee Merriweather, Springfield, MO


BTC: What would people be surprised to learn about Sport Clips?
Ashlee: We have an amazing value system. The three key questions we are taught to ask ourselves are: “Do you care about me?” “Can I trust you?” and “Are you committed to excellence?” These are the questions I have grown to live by.


BTC: What do you think is one of the top-rated benefits of working for Sport Clips?
Ashlee: There are so many stores that are opening up every week and there are so many areas of opportunity. We’re constantly growing, so there’s always room for advancement. 


BTC: How has your experience with Sport Clips changed you professionally and personally?
Ashlee: Sport Clips has taught me to not only be an artistic stylist, but how to use my artistic skills and make a living off of them. My team leaders laid everything out for me, they pushed me, and they showed me exactly what I needed to do to be successful.


Krystle Sierras, Houston, TX


BTC: What do you love most about your job/being on the artistic team?
Krystle: I love that I’m able to share my passion for hair and for Sport Clips in a fun and creative way! Which I love because I’m able to start new dreams and ambitions for others. The sky is the limit!


BTC: How has your experience with Sport Clips changed you professionally and personally?
Krystle:That’s a good question! Working with Sport Clips has challenged me to step up my game professionally and personally! I constantly strive for excellence in all that I do and give everyone a championship experience. I really want to leave a great impact on people’s lives.


BTC: What would people be surprised to learn about Sport Clips?
Krystle:That we’re more like a bunch of sisters and family members than employees working for a franchise. It’s always fun to go to work and hang out with your girlfriends and do what you all love together! And if you want to grow in the company, you can. You just have to want it!