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Last updated: April 29, 2022

BTC University & Sassoon Academy Announce Major Partnership

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Sassoon Academy Courses Now Available on BTC-University

For decades, Sassoon Academy and have been committed to the education of hairdressers. Now, we’re coming together with a special partnership devised with the hairdresser in mind. We are proud to announce that BTC and Sassoon have partnered together to provide ON DEMAND the entire:


Sassoon Academy “ABC Foundational Series”  

36 Video Tutorials Including:

  • ABC Cut – 12 Classic Cutting Courses
  • ABC Colour – 12 Classic Colour Courses
  • ABC Men – 12 Classic Men’s Courses


FREE as part of our BTC University Member Subscription, which offers more than 150 Hours of Education with 120 Videos for Less Than $1/Day.


Goal: Make Extraordinary Education Affordable For Hairdressers

There has never been a more important time to improve your skills and Sassoon Academy is the world leader in fundamental education, having turned good hairdressers into the greatest hairdressers in the world. This partnership was born out of the goal to make extraordinary education so affordable during these difficult times, that every hairdresser will be able to experience the VERY best in on-demand technical education no matter where they live in the world and for a most affordable price.


The ABC Series: The Most Iconic Collection Of Sassoon Fundamentals

To celebrate the big announcement, BTC Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector went live with Sassoon Global CEO Debbie Webster and Global Creative Director Mark Hayes. “The Sassoon method is all about functionality. It is the key to a successful career in hair,” Mark shared. “ABC was created out of 65 years of developing a method of working with hair. It was a look that became a method. We wanted to systemize it, so it could be taught in a lot of different levels.”


Watch The Video Announcing The Partnership 


Already a BTC-U member? Your subscription unlocks access to every Sassoon course. If not, click here to sign up for less than $1/Day!


Discover The Courses On BTC-University

This multi-series of 36 courses gradually progresses through touchstone techniques, technical skills, the suitability approach to tailoring and how to use your own style for personalization. Each collection takes the student through the ABCsbeginner, intermediate and advanced skills—of three core focus areas: cut, colour and men’s.


“[The ABC series] is a very simple system that that not only teaches the classics in isolation—lines, graduation, layering—but it builds a whole matrix of looks that interrelate,” says Mark. “It’s not just about learning 12 techniques, it’s much more than that. It’s how to combine techniques. When you walk down any street in any city in the world, you will be able to see hairstyles worn by people that can be traced back to these original techniques.”


Who Is The ABC Series For?

Short answer: everyone. This technical series is designed for both the beginner and the experienced stylist looking for new insight into groundbreaking techniques that will take their artistry to the next level. 


1. ABC Cut Collection: Master Geometry, Lines, Shape & Finishing

This series is devoted to the touchstone techniques used by Sassoon-trained stylists to truly perfect lines, graduation, layering and their combinations. This course provides the very best foundation for boosting your skills and knowledge to take fundamentals and combine them into your own unique, personal style.


12 Cutting Video Courses – You Will Learn:

  • The core ethos behind the Sassoon suitability approach
  • How to create the 3 geometric shapes and their combinations
  • Lines, graduation and layering techniques
  • Classic blow-drying and finishing techniques


Complete all 12 cutting courses to master the ABCs.


2. ABC Colour Collection: Study Color Theory & Technical Application Skills

The ABC colour collection is the perfect introduction to technical color design, teaching you techniques that will take your formulation and application skills to the next level. 


12 Colour Video Courses – You Will Learn:

  • Color chart theory
  • Total, partial and combination color techniques
  • How to be confident in selecting colors that complement your clients’ skin tone
  • Application techniques that add new dimension to haircuts


Complete all 12 colour courses to master the ABCs.


3. ABC Men’s Collection: Barbering & Classic Techniques

Learn the fundamentals behind barbering with classic men’s techniques. These foundational design, suitability and cutting techniques will help you create a range of contemporary shapes and styles for the men in your chair.


12 Men’s Video Courses – You Will Learn:

  • How proportion, suitability and bone structure impact on the choice of techniques
  • Fundamentals of scissor-over-comb and clipper-over-comb
  • How to implement lines, graduation and layering in combination
  • Disconnection on men’s cuts
  • Attention to detail and tailored finishes


Complete all 12 men’s courses to master the ABCs.


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