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Last updated: October 31, 2017

BTC Launches the 2017 #ONESHOT Awards: Submit Your Entries Today!

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Two years ago, launched our first annual #ONESHOT Hair Awards—the one and only award show that celebrated the real world of hair today, one shot at a time. When we launched #ONESHOT, we wanted to create a fully transparent format where every hairdresser could enter their work and every hairdresser could see the work that was entered, so we decided to leverage the adopted social media gallery of hairdressers—Instagram—as our platform.


Today, BTC launches our third annual competition! In its first year, #ONESHOT garnered more than 47,000 entries. In its second year, we received more than 131,000 entries. How many shots will you take this year?


As always, #ONESHOT is broken into two different categories. #HOTSHOT offers 18 categories and celebrates the real hair being done behind the chair. #BIGSHOT has six categories and celebrates editorial hair being done in studios.


Think you have what it takes? To enter, simply upload your photo to Instagram starting Wednesday, March 22 through Monday, May 22, and hashtag the photo for each category you want to enter using the hashtags below. Here are some additional rules and helpful hints:


  • Official contest hashtags MUST be in the caption, not the comment.
  • You must also hashtag #behindthechair
  • You may enter as many pictures as you’d like for any or all categories.
  • There is no entry fee (NOTE: by submitting your photo to Instagram using the #ONESHOT hashtags, you have given BTC full and unrestricted usage rights in perpetuity. For more details, click here.)
  • Work in the photo must have been created by YOU within the last 12 months and posted on Instagram between March 22, 2017 and May 22, 2017.
  • Nominees and winning images from other award programs CAN be entered.
  • Before AND after pictures must be included for the transformation and extensions categories.
  • With the exception of the #btconeshot_btcquickies17 category, all entries must be a photo—video, slideshow or carousel posts will NOT be accepted.
  • For #HOTSHOT, some finalists will be chosen by BTC and judged purely on the quality of work (for those of you who don’t have a bazillion Instagram followers). Others will be chosen by the number of likes in each category.
  • For #BIGSHOT, finalists are chosen by the number of likes and the BTC editorial team. They are then voted on by industry icons and finally voted on by the public.


Oh and p.s.—the more traffic your work gets, the better! So tell people to spread the word about your photo! You can even download a watermark at and add it to your photo.


25 finalists will be chosen in each category and announced via BTC’s Instagram page beginning in July. Winners will be announced at BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style Show 2017, on August 20 in Austin, Texas! Tickets will be available next month, and you can book your hotel NOW! CLICK HERE!


And now, without further ado, your 2017 #ONESHOT categories!


It’s all about raw talent. No need for a studio, Photoshop and filters when you’re killing it behind the chair. #HOTSHOT celebrates the real hair you create every day. 2017’s categories include:


The best overall transformation shot (including corrective color, cut & style, etc.)


The best collaboration shot (involving up to 3 people)


The best “BTC Quickie” video


The best hair-painting shot


The best ombré shot


The best pastel/metallic shot


The best vibrant shot


The best color melt shot


The best unconventional color shot


The best all-around haircut shot


The best braids (or use of braids) shot


The best upstyling shot


The best waves or curls shot


The best men’s shot


The best fade shot (male or female)


The best tattoos and cutouts, shave designs, etc. shot (male or female)


The best extensions shot


The best overall student shot


Platform artists, session stylists, celebrity hairdressers, hairdressing award winners and manufacturer educators can submit to the #BIGSHOT category, which showcases editorial hair shot in a studio. 2017’s categories include:


The editorial shot of the year


The haircut shot of the year


The haircolor shot of the year


The creative haircolor shot of the year


The avant-garde shot of the year


The men’s shot of the year



Need some inspiration? See all of last year’s winners here!