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Last updated: April 26, 2019

BTC Exclusive: Design.ME Photoshoot And New Product Sneak Peek!

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@emily_snips making on-set adjustments on the Design.ME photoshoot set.

For a brand that’s barely three years old, there is no question you’ve heard of Design.ME—and it probably started with a little pink bottle. When it launched, Design.ME’s now iconic product, Puff.ME, became an overnight viral success. Three years later, the young brand Design.ME is ready for graduation, with 12 products and more innovations on the way. BTC had an exclusive look at the brand’s “Design.ME 2.0” photo shoot in Montreal with influencers @cynthialumzy, @alexandralee1016, @emily_snips and @braidedandblonde—keep reading for a sneak peek of what’s to come (and new products too)!


Products Used


How Design.ME Began

When Puff.ME Volumizing Powder Spray launched three years ago with its unique applicator, social media helped catapult it to the spotlight, and Design.ME CEO Safir Shnayderman is grateful for that. “[Social media] equalized the playing field, and allows opportunity to smaller, younger brands like ours,” he said.


Take a trip down memory lane with the video below, the viral Puff.ME video that got 4 million views and 40k shares!


Since then, the brand has launched 11 more products with innovative technology (like Hold.ME Three Ways, a unique adjustable hairspray with three levels of hold) and new ingredients (such as Gloss.ME Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Hair Serum, which tapped into the cannabis trend). But while social is an important component for Design.ME to grow, Safir said, the brand is now able to concentrate on other areas of content, too. 


From left to right: @braidedandblonde, @alexandralee1016, @emily_snips and @cynthialumzy.


The Design.ME 2.0 Shoot

Now that Design.ME is growing up, it’s time for the next version of the brand—what Safir calls Design.ME 2.0. This older, wiser version of Design.ME showcases a more inclusive, more innovative and more versatile brand. As part of this next phase, the brand brought four influencers known for their top styling skills to Design.ME’s hometown, Montreal, to create a variety of styles that represent Design.ME’s versatility.


Sneak peek of models on the shoot.


At the shoot, BTC Team Member @cynthialumzy worked her magic on wigs while BTC Team Member @alexandralee1016 focused on loose waves and big braids. @emily_snips worked with Design.ME ambassador @amy_stolly on a curly-haired male model and styling super-tight coils, and @braidedandblonde created serious volume. “These images show that we are up there, we are here to stay,” Safir said. “There’s a brand vision here, but it’s a lot of [the influencers’] input, a great collaboration to show what you can achieve with our products.”


@cynthialumzy preps a model before fitting her with a wig.


What To Expect From Design.ME (Hint: New Products!)

BTC got a preview of new products at the shoot, and we know you’ll be stoked. Expect an expansion of the popular Puff.ME category this summer with an aerosol dry texture spray (!!!) and, as part of the Power Dry.ME category, a volume blow-dry mousse. We also heard the Gloss.ME category may be expanding too, since the original Gloss.ME product was so successful (it launched April 1, 2019 and 26 days later is totally sold out)! And Safir gave us a mysterious clue into 2020: “There’s a unique innovation coming from an applicator standpoint again,” he dished.


Above all, here’s what the future of Design.ME will be: “We don’t want to be just a product consumed by professionals to create their craft—we want to be a product consumed by professionals to create their craft but also being retailed to their customers to maintain their styles and hair integrity,” Safir shared. Stay tuned to Design.ME and BTC for the final shoot images and product launch news!