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Last updated: August 13, 2019

Aubrey’s Hair Adventures Is Going To Tokyo And You’re Invited!

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Want to immerse yourself in Japanese culture while also learning how to up your styling game? Then you might be interested in this unique opportunity with Wella Professionals Global Artist Aubrey Loots (@lootypics)! The editorial stylist founded Aubrey’s Hair Adventures, a weeklong destination getaway where you can explore style, design, culture and hair practices in some of the most vibrant cities in the world. After a successful run in Greece earlier this year, next up on the list is Tokyo, Japan on October 20 through 27. 



One of the biggest reasons a client leaves a stylist is a lack of creativity or inspiration in their execution, while on the flip side one of the biggest reasons stylists burnout is that the work has become monotonous, uninspiring and mundane. An experienced stylist can easily do mindless work and deliver competent results that lack inspiration. While they are physically there, they are not fully engaged and their work stops showing their passion. This was the impetus for the creation of Aubrey’s Hair Adventures. Aubrey wanted to create the experience of showing up somewhere foreign and experiencing your craft through a new lens.


Aubrey has focused his entire career on this idea. As he traveled around the world, his skill and style have been influenced by so many amazing artists and cultures he no longer considers himself simply an artist, but a vessel through which all of it passes through. Witnessing his adventures on social media, stylists from all over the world would comment, “Your life seems so glamorous. How can I travel like you do?”


The desire to escape the mundane and discover something new is extremely compelling for many stylists. So he conferred with his husband, Danny Leclair, and they designed a cultural and education retreat to give stylists somewhere to come to and experience the magic of their industry all over again while discovering new cultures, food, languages and people.


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This isn’t Aubrey’s Hair Adventures first time in Tokyo! The first ever trip took place in Japan with 16 stylists who got to explore how ancient Japanese history is woven into the fabric of modern style, while surrounded by the fashion districts of Harajuku and Shibuya. Every night they dined on a different Japanese cuisine, experienced the scalp massage (one Japanese salon culture’s strengths) and later attended a class with a Japanese Master Cutter.


At the end of the trip, each stylist was able to direct all of that creative and technical energy into producing a photoshoot using local talent and Japanese photographers, makeup artists, models and fashion stylists. Everything wrapped up with a blowout celebration on a dinner and karaoke cruise floating down the Tokyo River.


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Sounds absolutely amazing right? If you’re interested in learning more about this year’s trip, email Also, in 2020 Aubrey’s Hair Adventures may be hitting up France, The Netherlands or South Africa, so get your passport ready!

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