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Last updated: October 03, 2017

American Crew Announces U.S. All-Star Challenge Winner

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The next big thing in men’s hair? According to Sara Leahy from San Francisco’s B Parlor, it’s all about lush volume and a relaxed, confident look—and we trust her judgment, since she just earned the title of 2015-2016 American Crew U.S. All-Star Challenge Winner! Get the how-to!


Cut & Style
1. Section out a horseshoe from recession to recession.


2. Starting on the side, below the horseshoe section, take a diagonal back subsection and create your guide based on your desired end length. Elevate your next section at a 45-degree angle, using your guide, to create soft external graduation. Use a traveling guide, stopping when you reach the center back.


3. Repeat on the opposite side of the head. You will have some overlap of the previous side as you reach the back.


4. Release the top section, section on the natural parting and then, again, graduate diagonal back sections. Create a slight disconnection from the sides.


5. Pull the section straight up to a 90-degree angle and flat-layer.


6. Apply a generous amount of American Crew Boost Cream from roots to ends and blow-dry into the desired shape.


7. Once dry, apply American Crew Molding Clay to support and define the shape.


8. Lightly mist American Crew Alternator Spray to finish and hold the style.


The All-Star Challenge is one of the most widely recognized professional grooming competitions that celebrates stylists from around the world and challenges them to create styles that are modern, expressive and embody the vision of the American Crew Man. Entrants cut and styled a male model with American Crew products and submitted photos to a judging panel of industry experts: American Crew Global Technical Director Theri DeJoode; Men’s Fitness Style and Grooming Editor Barret Wertz; and’s very own Mary Rector-Gable!


The judges chose Sara’s look based on her technique, style and creativity. Sara’s look was inspired by the classic American Crew man and the need for his hairstyle to fit all his personalities—from professional to casual.


Sara started her career in hairdressing in 2008, and takes pride in her creativity and attention to detail. Congrats, Sara!