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Last updated: July 13, 2021

American Crew Announces New Texture And Shape Collection

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Photo via American Crew

ARC- American Crew’s New Collection Celebrating Texture, Technique, and Shape

American Crew announces their new collection of styled looks that celebrate texture, technique and shape—ARC: The Collection


ARC, defined as the shape of part of a circle, embodies the collection through carefully adapting product to get the result of larger than life shapes. The collection is inspired by the style and culture of urban Los Angeles in the late ’60s, featuring the elevation of natural hair through three different cuts that are centered around an artistic interpretation of height and silhouette. 


“ARC represents more than the everyday texture you work on, it’s a celebration of natural hair color and texture. What I love most is the culturally-relevant texture and curls that we feature,” said American Crew Founder David Raccuglia.“High textured hair takes an entirely different skillset and is a vital component of barbering today, which is why we wanted to introduce ARC—a collection that emphasizes just that.”


Photo via American Crew


To learn more about ARC: The Collection visit @americancrew on Instagram or

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