Created by industry experts, colorists and salon owners, Vish is a color management software system comprised of a Bluetooth-enabled scale connected to the Vish app on a tablet, cloud-based web app and front desk app. This robust system offers unique capabilities to help owners and managers manage their color business and maximize profits.


The Vish drive comes from a deep-rooted appreciation of the artistry in hair styling. Vish strives to preserve the integrity of the craft by providing intuitive technology to support creativity, strengthen relationships and develop actionable insights. Vish integrates environmental responsibility into the technology by reducing haircolor waste and optimizing color usage.


The name 'Vish' is derived from the Hindu deity Vishnu - "The Preserver and Protector.” Whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces, Vishnu restores balance. At its core, Vish serves to preserve our environment while protecting salons' overall business health and bottom line profitability.