Rock Star Stylists Wanted In Top Villages Salon!


Tou Lou Color Salon has established itself as THE paramount, full-service beauty complex in Sumter County and The Villages. We are the best. But don’t take our word for it, read our stellar reviews on Google, Facebook, Vagaro and Yelp.

To maintain our reputaion we are seeking cool people that love what they do.  All ages, shapes, colors, cultures and weirdo styles are encouraged to join us but there is one common denominator…you must have a passion for beauty!


If you think you’re cool enough to be one of us, here is a list of the things we will be looking for.

1. You must be a pro.  That means that you know how to operate an alarm clock and save all sick days for actual emergencies.  It means that you can do hair. You don’t have to start at our level but if you don’t possess raw talent we will know and it’ll be time to “lip sync for your life.”  You must be open to education. Real pros agree to live in a constant state of evolving.  You must have style.  We don’t expect you to dress in code.  But as a beauty professional you will be expected to look more interesting and put together than the average pedestrian.  All styles are welcome if you look your best (ie. do your hair, ladies put on makeup, gents groom your facial hair).  You must know how to treat our guests like VIP’s.  Because trust us…our clients are the bomb dot com.  Respect…our guests, each other and yourself.  And mostly, being a pro means that you can bring your A game daily even when it seems like your world is falling apart.

2.  We are not losers and we do not want to work with them.  If you don’t like success then kindly take your show somewhere else.  Have dreams, aspirations, goals and a plan to make it big!

3.  Be a team player.  If someone falls behind it’s your team member duty to offer a hand.  The salon is very glamorous and we want it to sparkle every day.  Stylists will have light chores.  

4. Track your numbers.  When you’re at work you should be focused on money.  We require all stylists to track their own progress.  It builds great habits and it helps you reach your goals.

5. Be wonderfully weird.  Our icon is the unicorn and it fits.  We want the misfits, the weirdos and the slightly misunderstood.  They make great hair artists and they’re more fun to work with.  “Normal People Worry Me.”

6. Show up.  Yes, technology is cool but a smile will take you so much farther than an email.  Applicants are encouraged to drop in and linger.

If you make the cut and choose to work with us we want you to know that the key difference in Tou Lou compared to our competition is that we have attracted amazing guests!  They are fiercely loyal, happily referring their droves of friends, passionate about their appearance and great tippers!  Our customers buy the products, the Brazilian Blowouts and book appointments six months in advance.  80% of our guests live in the area year round.  They love their stylists and it will show in your paychecks.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you!





Be Awesome.

Compensation: Commission. 40%

To apply for this job email your details to Jameson: jamesongardner@gmail.com

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

Phone: 352.461.0874