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November 12, 2012

MEMBERS ONLY: Honey and Ash Color from Sassoon

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MEMBERS ONLY: Honey and Ash Color from Sassoon

This look, adapted from Sassoon ABC Colouring Hair the Sassoon Way, amps up a natural ash tone wtih light honey slices. The result is a bright and dimensional blonde ash shade that maintains natural appeal.

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    Formula A (Highlights): Powder lightener + 6% or 20-volume developer

    Formula B (Highlights): Pastel blonde or 10N + 12% or 40-volume developer

    Formula C (Toner): Equal parts 10N + 9V + 3% or 10-volume devloper (or comparable demi-permanent formula)

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    1. Create a large triangular section, placing the widest part of the triangle above the occipital bone and the peak beneath the crown area. Isolate the hairline section. Subdivide the remaining sections—nape, occipital to crown, crown to front hairline and hairline, creating smaller triangular and rectangular sections.

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    Begin in the nape section. Create a horizontal weave section and apply Formula A. Fold the foil gently in two without tension so as not to pull away from the root. Create a slice section above the first section and apply Formula B. Working up the head, continue alternating the two formulas in this way.

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    As the section becomes two foils wide, be sure to place the same color in the adjacent foil. As work progresses to the top of the head, the foil will take on a more triangular shape, allowing it to stay closer to the root area. For a softer result at the crown area, the last two foils are weaved, not sliced.

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    Repeat the same procedure on the opposite side. Always apply the same colors adjacent to each other.

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    In the front hairline section, switch to a back-to-back slicing technique. To create a more solid effect through the front, do not leave any hair out between foils. Also, avoid placing color on the roots.

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    In the section behind the back-to-back panel, resume the regular slicing technique. Once again, hair is left out between the foils.

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    Return to the back-to-back panel. Pulling the foil away from the roots, apply Formula A to the root. Process according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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    Re-section the hair, isolating the back-to-back hairline section. Subdivide the section at the center. Apply Formula C to this section, extending the application down through the sides.

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    Isolate these sections in foil and process according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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