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Last updated: January 25, 2018

The Wavy, Tousled Bob

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It’s all about them bobs! And not just sleek bobs, choppy, texturized bobs, too! Inspired by Hollywood’s fascination of the shorter, edgier bobs—think Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swiftcelebrity stylist and Brazilian Blowout Educator, Alfredo Luciano of Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills, shares his go-to “recipe” for achieving the perfect, soft, tousled bob.  


Artist: Alfredo Luciano



Start by shampooing with Brazilian Blowout Volume Shampoo for added volume and a beautiful smooth, shiny result.


Spray the roots with Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift by taking your fingers and sectioning the hair, then misting the roots at the scalp throughout the crown of the hair.


Rough-dry the hair, concentrating on lifting the base of the hair for added lift. Once complete, lightly sprinkle Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Body Boost Powder at the scalp for texture. Be sure to rub the powder into the root well.


Give a voluminous blowout keeping the hair tousled and not too perfect.


Using a 1½ -inch barrel curling iron, and starting at the nape, lightly spray each section with Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift to help set curls. Holding the curling iron with the handle up and the barrel downward, wrap each section of hair around the iron. Close the iron and hold for approximately 10 seconds, then release.


Once completed, take a flat or paddle brush and gently brush out the curls. Then take a small dime-sized amount of Brazilian Blowout Acai Restorative Sculpt & Define Polish and one small dime-sized amount of Brazilian Blowout Acai Flexible Molding Clay Wax and rub them together in the palm of your hands until they feel warm and are mixed well. Tousle the hair with your fingertips and piece out the ends. Viola! You will have achieved the perfect tousled wavy style with holding power just like all your favorite A-listers!