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Last updated: January 16, 2018

Sleek Fishtail Pony

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One style, two very different looks. At the DANNIJO show during the 2015 Spring/Summer Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Lead Hair Stylist, Rodney Cutler, created this sleek fishtail for Cutler/Redken Salon.

“I was inspired by the sisters’ passion and vision for this Spring/Summer collection and went about creating a hair look that would complement the amazing styling and theme of travel.  Similar to the rustic yet picturesque staging of the presentation, the hair brought to life a natural, Mongolian tribal feel with a fishtail that journeyed on to a polished pony,” said Cutler.

Artist: Rodney Cutler



Begin styling with dry, straightened hair.


Pull hair back into a sleek ponytail using a fine bristle brush. Secure the hair on the back of the head, so that it is parallel to the middle of the ear. Use a thin elastic to secure.


Depending on hair thickness, work a dime to quarter size dollop of Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 – Cushioning Blow Dry Gel into the first 4-5 inches of hair below the ponytail.


Weave into a tight, smooth fishtail braid. To create a fishtail, separate the hair into two sections and cross small strands over each other, towards the opposite section. 

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After braiding this portion of the hair, secure with an additional hair tie and allow the bottom of the hair to hang.


After secured, use a 1-2-inch flat iron to straighten the unbraided hair for a sleek ponytail.


Finish off by spraying Redken Fashion Work 12 – Versatile Working Spray to tackle any flyaways.

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