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Last updated: March 19, 2018

The Newest Way to SOBLUR Her Color and Get That Perfect Look

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Perfection. It’s a hard look to achieve, but a look everyone wants when it comes to their haircolor. So what do you do when unwanted tones, sharp contrasts or visible lines show up on a client’s pretty locks? The answer just got a whole lot easier. With SOBLUR Color Adjusters from Matrix, blending hair from imperfect to impeccable is more than possible.


This innovative and revolutionary product can blur your client’s color in as little as 5 to 15 minutes creating a seamless blend of haircolor that looks perfectly natural. This new, go-to product works miraculously to soften contrast, fix stripy highlights, soften harsh ombré and illuminate the natural hair.


Matrix SOBLUR Color Adjusters is available in four different tones: Cool, Mute, Brighten and Warm. All tones are intermixable with each other and help lift, neutralize and enhance your client’s color. But how do you choose which shade to use? Easy!


Manufacturer: Matrix, @matrix

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Before starting, determine her natural base level. (Use SOBLUR on Levels 3 to 10.)


Then determine her desired result and choose the shade—Cool, Mute, Brighten or Warm.


Next, mix equal parts of SOBLUR + 10-volume (3%) or 20-volume (6%) of Matrix Cream Developer depending on texture and desired result. 


Apply on damp hair using a bottle (for faster application process) or with a bowl and brush.


Work swiftly, using a spreading motion with your thumb, working the product through the hair evenly.

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Process at room temperature until the desired result is reached.